Tomei Expreme Header Manifold | Nissan 350Z Z33 & 370Z Z34



The 1st Version design had the targets of “Sharp throttle response”, “Sports engine enjoyment” & “True race exhaust sound”. The new version 2 design has all those target aspects met with the additional target of increased power gains. The designs were made and time painstakingly tested both on the engine bench Dyno in a controller environment and on the car in real life uses in the Z Masters race series in Japan. With these tests we found to have excelled in additional performance gains from the previous 1st Version model.

NOTE: VQ35DE specific.  For use with VQ35HR/VQ37VHR engines, DE specific downpipes are required to mate with the Tomei header flange.


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2003-06 DE (Direct Fit), 2007-08 HR (DE Downpipes required), 2009-20 VHR (DE Downpipes required)


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