About Us

NextLevel Performance Story

Being involved within the industry since 2003, NextLevel Performance branched off on our own in 2013 continuing to strive towards that “Go-To” shop where you can ensure you’ll receive top notch customer service & expertise for all your automotive needs.

Since then, NextLevel has continued to grow direct exclusive manufacture relationships with companies such as Fast Intentions, KW suspensions, Stillen, Stance Suspensions & SPL Parts.

Our Brands

NextLevel is also known for bringing you top quality Authentic JDM product. We bring you brands such as Varis, Voltex Racing, Recaro Japan, Powerhouse Amuse, LibertyWalk, Webersports, RevYou, Takata, Zele, WORK Japan, Volk Racing, etc.

Perfect Team

Lance Lisowski

Founder / Owner

“Lance is the founder and owner of NextLevel Performance and an avid car enthusiast.”

Zane Ngo

VP of Team NextLevel

” Zane is pretty awesome”



Please inquire about any parts you may not see on our website that you are interested in. We will guarantee the best price, or we will direct you to where the best pricing is available. Please feel free to message or e-mail us at sales@nextlevelperf.com with any questions or price inquiries for any car/platform!

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