INGS+1 Z-POWER Wing | Nissan 370z z34



Making the most of the feedback on our aerodynamic technology which was born and refined in the racing circuit, the Z power wing has achieved the extremely beautiful form of the optimal downforce in respect to its weight, finish, durability, and quality, all of which are requirements for street vehicles. It amplifies the pleasure in any driving scene. There are four choices on the width of the wing, 1350, 1400, 1500, and 1600mm. The wing angle is adjustable by 15 steps and it can provide the best setting for a course and for a car. In addition to the great contribution to the driving performance, the wing prides itself on the bracket made of dry carbon material and on the metal supports made of machined aluminum with excellent texture. The brilliant craftsmanship of INGS is represented by this product.


  • Foil(wing) comes standards in Carbon Fiber for durability purposes.
  • The main body adopts the three dimensional curve type which is becoming the standard in the racing industry.
  • Wing angle is adjustable which makes the best setting possible based on the vehicle model, the tuning specification, and the driving stage.
  • Light weight dry carbon fiber brackets (come standard)
  • Wing stands are not interchangeable between “low” and “high” version.
  • 100% hand manufactured in Japan.


  • This product is special order from Japan.  ETA shipment is 3-7 months.
  • Listed Product Pricing Includes:
    • Product Cost
    • Container shipping cost from Japan to US Port
    • All Inbound Customs and Duty Taxes included avoiding any unexpected fees
  • Flat rate freight shipping from port to your door additional at checkout.
  • Customers outside the continental U.S. are subject to additional shipping charges.
  • Image(s) shown may not reflect actual product.

Additional information

Wingspan (Foil Width):

1350mm, 1400mm, 1500mm, 1600mm(+$200)

Bracket Height:

Low Version (40mm), High Version (160mm)


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