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AP Racing Radi-CAL series

“Radi-CAL” is a blanket term used to describe AP Racing’s patented asymmetrical brake caliper design. Radi-CAL technology is grounded in Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Finite Element Analysis (FEA), and allows for organic, alien-looking designs that are a radical departure from conventional caliper designs of the past. Radi-CAL’s are widely considered the pinnacle of current brake caliper technology. Since their inception in 2007, these revolutionary calipers have amassed a lengthy string of race victories at all levels of professional motorsport, while redefining brake performance expectations. For more details on the design concept and what these calipers have achieved in professional racing.

The key benefits of the Radi-CAL design:

  • Massive Stiffness Increase– A 30+ % increase in both static and dynamic stiffness vs. conventional calipers allows for far less deflection under load, which means superior pedal feel & modulation, more even pad wear, and longer caliper service life.
  • Considerable Mass Reduction– Removing all extraneous caliper mass lowers the caliper weight, despite the huge stiffness increases.
  • Optimized Airflow– Air moves around and through the caliper more efficiently, providing superior heat evacuation and cooling.
  • Efficient Packaging– The asymmetric caliper profile and internal fluid porting allows the caliper to fit into tighter spaces.



  • Direct OEM replacement.
  • 365x30mm, 72 vane AP Racing 2-piece floating discs
  • AP Racing CP9451 Radi-CAL Pro5000R four piston calipers
    • CP9451 features 16.7mm brake pad thickness
  • Radi-CAL Pro5000R Caliper finish options:
    • Standard black anodized
    • ENP (Electroless Nickel Plated)
  • Weighs roughly the same as the OEM Sport Package setup, despite AP discs being significantly larger (15mm larger in diameter and 10mm thicker)
  • Retains OEM parking brake functionality
  • Every component designed to resist the heat of extended track sessions
  • Pistons sized properly to allow for seamless integration with OEM master cylinder and ABS system
  • Designed to work with our front AP Racing CP9668 and CP9660 Competition Brake Kits


  • Customers outside North America please inquire for shipping options.
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Additional information

Caliper Options:

CP9451 Anodized Black(ANO), CP9451 Electroless Nickel Plated(ENP)

Brake Pad Options(included):

Ferodo DS2500, Ferodo DS1.11, Ferodo DSUno, Ferodo DS3.12

+Pad Tension Kit($140):

Yes, Include, No Thank you


Yes, Include, No Thank you


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