Swift SPEC-R Sport Springs | Nissan 370Z / 350Z


  • 350z – Part#4N014R
  • 370z – Part#4N905R


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Product Description

The Swift Spec-R lowering springs are made for the true automotive enthusiast that wants to take their 370Z/350z to the next level. With a 10k / 1.25″ front drop and 10.5k / 1″ rear drop, your vehicle will achieve a safe lower center of gravity, a balanced ride, & reduce body roll. These high quality springs will truly unleashing your 370Z/350z’s suspension potential.

  • Spring Rate: 10K / 10.5K (front / rear)
  • Height Drop: 1.25 inches / 1.0 inches (front / rear)
  • Material: Swift Proprietary H5S.TW
  • Spring Rate Design: Linear


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Nissan 350z, Nissan 370z


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