OS Giken Super Lock LSD – Nissan 350z 370z / Infiniti G35 G37

Part #NS111-HA(MT)
Part #NS113-HA(AT)



This OS Giken Super Lock LSD for your Nissan 370Z is the product of four years of extensive research and development. The OS Giken Super Lock LSD is a revolutionary design that has the ability to house up to 28 friction plates! This extraordinary number of plates drastically improves the locking force of the LSD and enables it to lock fully and completely. As an added benefit, less heat is generated in the fully locked mechanism allowing for unprecedented durability. Every OS Giken Super Lock LSD is made from the highest quality materials on the most precise machining equipment. The result is the best performing, most durable and reliable LSD available.

Base, Open Differential Model:
Does not require an extra axle stub shafts, but the original axle stubs will have to be cut so the tips are flat. If you do not want to cut them, you can purchase both flat tip axle stubs for a direct bolt-on install.
Sport, VLSD Differential Model:
Extra Axle Stub Purchase Required. The VLSD model already comes with an original flat tip axle stub, so only 1 extra flat axle stub is required. (Nissan Part #38220-JK01B)



  • Superior design featuring miniaturized pressure ring and superior spline-through-side-gear design allows for fitment of more friction plates (up to 2x as many as competitor versions), offering true 100% lock capability
  • Patented pressure ring design allows for smooth, progressive locking
  • LSD case has a relief cut-out for the cone spring, resulting in minimal cone spring degradation and enhanced durability.


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