Garage Mak Revolution Front Bumper & Canard Options – Nissan 350z (z33)


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Garage Mak Revolution parts are a perfect addition to any Nissan 350z(z33).


  • Optional Materials:
    • FRP(Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic)
    • CF(Carbon Fiber Accent)
  • 100% hand manufactured in Japan.


  • This product is special order from Japan.  ETA shipment is 3-6 months.
  • Listed Product Pricing Includes:
    • Product Cost
    • Container shipping cost from Japan to US Port
    • All Inbound Customs and Duty Taxes included avoiding any unexpected fees
  • Flat rate freight shipping from port to your door additional at checkout.
  • Minnesota & California customers are subject to sales tax.
  • Customers outside the continental U.S. are subject to additional shipping charges.
  • Image(s) shown may not reflect actual product.

Additional information

Front Bumper:

FRP, Carbon Fiber Accent

Canard Type 1(Top):

FRP, CF, None

Canard Type 2(Bottom):

FRP, CF, None


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