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The Top Secret Version 3/III M17 bumper spoiler that is based on the design of the 2017 model and has been equipped with details for utilizing the driving wind in each part. By preventing the air from getting into the lower surface of the body and performing a clear flow, the body lift in the high speed range is suppressed and driving stability is improved. The front bumper has the same bottom surface height as that of the genuine one, ensuring sufficient road clearance and realizing ease of use close to that of the original one.

Full 5pc Kit Itemized: Front Bumper Kit(V3), Side Skirt Set Ver.II, Rear Bumper(V3), Rear Under Bumper Cover & Under Bumper(V3), Rear Under Diffuser Fins(CF only standard)



  • Direct OEM replacement
  • Optional Materials:
    • Full FRP
    • FRP/Carbon Fiber Accent (Rear Bumper Fin CF Standard*)
  • Fits 2009+ Nissan GT-R R35
    • For 2009-16 specifically: Genuine daylights for 2017+ are required(sold separately)
    • The M17 full bumper kit can be installed as a single item, but if it is installed alone on a model 2009-16, the position of the press line will shift. It is recommended to install the M17 Aero Bonnet at the same time. Comes with 4 dummy sonar sensors.
  • 100% hand manufactured in Japan.


  • This product is special order from Japan.  ETA shipment is 3-7 months.
  • Listed Product Pricing Includes:
    • Product Cost
    • Container shipping cost from Japan to US Port
    • All Inbound Customs and Duty Taxes included avoiding any unexpected fees
  • Flat rate freight shipping from port to your door additional at checkout.
  • Customers outside the continental U.S. are subject to additional shipping charges.(Invoiced post checkout, please inquire for quotes)
  • Image(s) shown may not reflect actual product.

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Full 5pc Kit, Front Bumper, Side Skirt Set, Rear Bumper, Rear Under Bumper, Rear Under Fins


Full FRP, FRP/CF Mix


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